N00b Squad Episode 4

N00b Squad is a nerd/gamer comic, composed of bad habits when they come to life and then go on an adventure.

We have a cigarette, “the Cig,” a cup of coffee, “Double Shots,” a cell-phone, “i-friend,” and Tiny Hulk, a curious, adventurous, green child-type with a bad temper and a knack for getting in trouble.

Our band of adventurers will be traveling through operating systems and programs, encountering the best and worst of the digital world!

I’m looking for feedback, so line up, nerds, gamers, and internet junkies, and let me know what you think! Give me criticism, suggestions, or troll me! Lol ok then, have a good one and steem on!


Back in 2005 a warlock player named Kralnor posted in the World of Warcraft battle.net forums, asking gamers to look at his staff and talk about theirs.

While this type of post wasn’t unusual, its garbled directions and broken syntax got the attention of the entire forum and before the post was deleted, it had 1200 responses and had become a meme among warlocks and staff users.

While the player Kralnor disappeared and was never heard from again, he has gone down as an icon in blizzard gaming history, with several nods from blizzard developers including his own trading card, an April Fools Day poem, and several items.


In early World of Warcraft days there was a notorious rogue named Angwe who went down in Warcraft pvp legend for singlehandedly disrupting boat traffic out of his harbor of choice, Menethil, for months on end, to the point that elaborate guides were written up on how to avoid getting killed by him on his server, Detherec.
In 2012 a Reddit call for interview went out and Angwe resurfaced to give his account of that saga. You can read the condensed version here
There is a theory that he is the basement dwelling gamer “he who has no life” from the South Park Episode and blizzard gaming, parent company of WoW, has acknowledged Angwe’s feat by issuing his own trading card. Personally I am a fan, and hope he enjoys my tribute to him should he ever come across this comic series.




The Barrens zone is infamous among players in wow, going down as one of the most memorable on counts of sheer boredom and frustration.

Some players thought that developers had run out of time while lavishing attention on Alliance zones, and thus turned the Horde starting zone, largest zone in the game, into a flat desert/savannah.

Other reasons that the zone was memorable were the quests, especially the “zhevra hooves” quest. A player was left to wonder how he could kill a zhevra that clearly had four hooves and yet none would drop as loot.

Players in this zone would spend countless hours struggling to level and move to the next zone, having to walk on foot the long distances between quest objectives.

This gave rise to the famous “Barrens chat,” dozens of frustrated players venting their frustrations over general chat or else being trolled by more experienced players.



Our n00bs are on the boat from Ratchet, in the Barrens, to the port of Booty Bay, in southern Stranglethorn Vale.

It appears that Merlin is going to have them try to steal a fishing pole from Riggle Bassbait, a local goblin.

Of course the only fishing pole that Wriggle gives away is the Arcanite Fishing Pole, awarded to the winner of the weekly Stranglethorn Vale fishing tournament!


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